The Definition of Success – Having to Hire a CFO to Manage Finances

A small business owner is usually a lone entrepreneur who starts a company on a dream, sweat, tears and hard found money. Then it takes a dream, sweat and tears to use that hard found money to invest in the business and make it turn a profit. Once the business finds some equilibrium and starts making money, this may be the time for the business owner to examine the complexities of success. It is probably time to seek small business financial help by hiring a CFO or a Chief Financial Officer.

Once a small business passes over the threshold of making money, becoming successful and sustaining a position in the black, it is time to turn over the financials to a professional who can handle all revenue and expenses and provide accurate and timely taxes to the IRS, get bills paid on time and prepare budgets and business plans. By this time, it is important for the business owner to focus on marketing for more business and it is the CFO’s responsibility to keep an eye on cash flow, profits and expenditures. Meanwhile, the CFO can assist the CEO in tracking investments so that the return is profitable. And what about financial statements? In many cases, the CEO is happy that at last, someone else will take care of a daunting task.

Reporting and paying taxes is crucial to small business financial help from a CFO who monitors and manages a company’s finances. Having accurate and timely financial and accounting information facilitates making better management decisions for expansion, obtaining loans, forecasting profitable growth and keeping the company in check.

Can a small business afford to pay a full time CFO? In most cases, the answer is no. CFOs are generously rewarded for their expertise and hard work and the salary reflects their qualifications and capabilities. But there are CFOs that act as a contractor/consultant on a part time basis. Instead of reporting to the office every day, a part time CFO will provide reports, statements and monitor the company’s fiscal health a few days a week or a few weeks a month.

When small business financial help comes in the form of a CFO, think of it as a gift rather than an expense. A CFO brings a level of achievement to move your company from one level to the next one. Along with the CFO’s cache, a high level of integrity, confidentiality and great service will navigate your company to success. The CFO understands how to guide your company through the financial and administrative maze for making educated and informed decisions.

It is the CFO who can help steer the business through any financial crisis. It is the CFO who sounds a warning when there is the slightest hint of a treacherous iceberg blocking the path of success and profitability. When hiring a CFO, the business owner must place all trust in the hands of an expert to achieve internal operating goals, maintain business integrity, making it work.

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Our approach is to provide a definitive yet thorough assessment allowing you, and your company, to consider a broad overview of alternatives to manage the challenges and enhance the performance of your business.

In short, we identify opportunities, work with you and your organization, and enable you to take advantage of business potential and growth. The move to part time, on call, and virtual services has become more accepted in the business world over the past few years. For a fraction of the cost of a full time employee, a small business can have the Controller / CFO function filled by an experienced professional.

We are headquartered in the Tampa Bay area; a portion of our work is handled remotely, yet, we are able to talk, meet, and work with you on a regular periodic basis.

PETER DESMIDT has more than 48 years of accounting, cost accounting, and systems implementation (including QuickBooks, Intuit, Enterprise, Passport, RealWorld, Peachtree, Great Plains, Dynamics, Sage, Direct Systems, SouthWare, ACCPAC, and Computer Associates software) experience, as well as management positions with companies like Atlantic Richfield, Signode, Norlin Industries and R.R. Donnelley and Sons. Peter DeSmidt’s specific experience is as a CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager and Advisory Consultant. He holds a BA Degree majoring in Accounting and an MBA Degree majoring in Accounting and Computer Science. As we are a small business ourselves, we understand what it takes to get a small company off the ground and on the right track.

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