Three Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website

By Mary Wilhite

The mobile website is a new phenomenon. In fact, there are only three million compared to about 266 million desktop websites. Mobile marketers and business owners are often confused whether to have one or not. And some often ask me: ‘Is my mobile web presence important? The answer is yes and here is why…

1. To avail your information and showcase expertise.

It is common for clients who want to engage professionals, to check for some background information. Ideally they want to know your experience, competence, and to establish your credibility. This is a natural way of doing business. Everybody wants to know if he is making the right choice and a website can aid in that decision.

It would be unfortunate for you to be looking for mobile web design clients when you don’t have a mobile website. How do you convince clients that you can optimize their site when you don’t have one?

On the other hand, a business with mainly local clients could be losing big business if it has no mobile website. Most people who want information while on the move use a mobile device to get it. And the way mobile search engines work is that the local sites optimized for the device come up first on the search. That means, your competitor’s sites with mobile presence are showing up and getting the business while you complain about the economy.

By the way, mobile searchers are usually motivated buyers. They are eager to get a solution and ready to spend money. Otherwise, they can wait and use their computers at home or office.

2. To disseminate time- sensitive information.

An email can go for days without being read while an SMS – short message service – is read within 4 minutes and the open rate is as high as 97%. Now, if you have time sensitive information the best way to pass it on is by SMS. But there is a problem of 160-character SMS limit. That means you can’t say much on an SMS. So the best solution is to pass sensitive, but short information using your website. You then send an SMS to the effect. People who receive the text message will open your website to catch up with whatever you have to say. This is not a practical strategy if you are using a traditional website.

3. To tap into the huge market that is fast growing.

Mobile devices are now more than 5.3 billion worldwide. They have outnumbered PCs and TVs combined. In the US we expect 100% penetration soon and the number of smart phones that can read mobile websites is growing. I think more people will start surfing the web using mobile devices than the desktop computer. It is difficult to ignore this huge potential.

And by the way, the younger technology savvy generation has more advanced gadgets than the older generation. For anybody targeting this group, it would be very wise to have mobile web presence sooner than later.

Final thought…

Google is developing voice searches. You just speak and the results come on your mobile phone. Naturally only the 3 million mobile websites will show up on the results. Will your business be among them?

Mary Wilhite is a Mobile Marketing Specialist, also known as the Mobile Marketing Queen. Teaching small businesses, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers how to attract better customers with mobile marketing devices. Get more of her mobile marketing tips, tricks, and strategies today. Just click here

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