When To Opt For QuickBooks Online Solutions?

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By Liza Welch

When it comes to small and medium scale business enterprises, the deciding factor for the Accountant is not whether to go for QuickBooks accounting solutions. In fact, the dilemma is about deciding which installation solution to opt for. The options available for the deployment of QuickBooks are mainly on-site and off-site cloud based hosting. Hosting solutions are further sub-divided into first-party cloud solution and third-party cloud solution. Apparently, third-party QuickBooks online solutions seem to be quite a feasible option.

What is the process of QuickBooks installation and usage with cloud service providers? The hosted QuickBooks provider is an external service provider that manages huge capacity servers to host a number of applications. There is nothing that the user requires at his end except for an updated PC and an internet connection. The major benefits associated with the use of QuickBooks online solutions are:

Multi-user environment: When deploying QuickBooks on a single computer, only one user can access it at a time. The benefit of a hosted solution is that your copy of QuickBooks along with your license will be installed on a remote server. This software becomes platform-independent once it is hosted. This allows the users to access their QuickBooks accounts from anywhere all over the world. When considering a premise-bounded solution, the user has to manage a server for maintaining multiple user access which is infeasible when there are just 3 or 5 users. QuickBooks hosting allows any number of user accounts to be set up and maintained remotely thereby minimizing investment while maximizing efficiency and association.

Seamlessly integrated functionality: Many times, the newbie users feel that the hosted solutions lack some functionality. Perhaps this confusion is because the users feel that the hosted QuickBooks solution is different from the regular desktop version. The truth is that the users can have any version hosted on the servers of the hosting providers. These versions generally include QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Pro. So, the users can have all-time access to any feature that they want without having to set up any hardware at their office.

Complete data backup facility: One of the major benefits of using QuickBooks online solutions for SMBs is the complete backup of data. In case of any natural calamity or disaster, your data can be secured. Most of the service providers back up data at the end of each day and replicate this backed up data at various locations. This ensures that harm to a server at a single location does not hamper the data being backed up at another server.

Hassle-free access from anywhere: While opting for QuickBooks hosting solutions, the major benefit for the users is that they can travel anywhere and still stay connected with their accounts and billing information. All they need to do is to login from their account and manage all the functionality over the hosted QuickBooks platform. Moreover, if you have accountants or finance related people working from their homes, they can easily get connected without any hassles. This also saves the expense of maintaining an on-premise accounting department.

What to opt for? If yours is a small or medium scale business enterprise in the starting stage of business, a hosted solution would be the best choice. This solution is however not suitable for the large business enterprises that have massive capacity servers set up at their business premises. These enterprises generally have a technical team for the maintenance of these servers and thus, the management can be handed over to them. In the case of small businesses, this would account to extra cost and effort which can be saved through hosting.

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